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Having a professional work network is a labor, containment and emotional tool. Being able to talk with peers about issues related to the same labor market without filters is a necessary issue.

There are groups that organize online or face-to-face networking sessions that have the objective of getting clients. There are groups in the same field that organize online meetings. But how to build that network? Lets start by the beginning.

What is networking?
Networking is an almost permanent process of searching for contacts, maintaining them and from there continuing to grow the network. It is not a passive activity. The English word is perfect in its etymology: networking is happening (I feel very literal).
Having a network is part of professional development and like any human relationship, it requires at least a minimal investment of time.

What is networking for?

  • Allows insertion in areas with potential customers.
  • Improves interpersonal communication skills.
  • Expand the network of contacts.
  • It helps to have a clear elevator pitch: the speech with which I explain my expertise.
  • Acquire knowledge about various areas and be clear about their potential.

Strategies and tips for good networking

  • Have a clear objective and not lose focus.
  • To be nice.
  • Have an interesting cover letter.
  • Ask questions and show interest.
  • Do not abandon the contacts you already have scheduled.
  • A few days later, send an email to the new contact so that inertia is not interrupted.

The 10 best-known networks for online networking

LinkedIn | Sumry | beBee | Xing | | | Womenalia
Universia | Slack | Contently | Freelancer | Behance

The pandemic made the idea of ​​this type of online event more established, which are generated more easily and at lower costs. It goes without saying that face-to-face networking has a very important value in social relationships, non-verbal expression and in the experiential.

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