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Networking in progress…

Having a professional work network is a labor, containment and emotional tool. Being able to talk with peers about issues related to the same labor market without filters is a necessary issue. There are groups that organize online or face-to-face networking sessions that have the objective of getting clients. There are groups in the same […]

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Agile methodologies and jobs

Surely you have seen that agile methodologies are linked to software development, but the truth is that today many companies have stopped looking at their navel and are using these methodologies that not only collaborate by giving efficiency to processes and teamwork, but also They also put the focus on the customer. It is undoubtedly […]

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English, the other side of the IT coin

Today, a good level of English allows an applicant in the IT field (and many others) to aspire to better opportunities and salaries, especially abroad, either remotely or with the possibility of traveling. It is also true that many people do not have validation certificates for their level because knowledge was polished day by day. […]

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AI training for IT applications

Training with Artificial Intelligence for IT applications Interview Warmup is a tool developed by Google that allows you to practice your job interview performance by recording, transcribing, and annotating your answers in real time. In this way you will discover, for example, the number of times you repeat a word or if you use technical […]

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Recruiting is a commercial act

As years go by, we continue to see Linkedin posts repeatedly where countless people complain (often with some violence) about “unfinished” recruitment processes, no feedback, and lack of recruiter response. They also complain about the hours and hours that they spend responding and solving challenges, technical tests, and coding interviews that have no return. We […]

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