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Agile methodologies and jobs

Surely you have seen that agile methodologies are linked to software development, but the truth is that today many companies have stopped looking at their navel and are using these methodologies that not only collaborate by giving efficiency to processes and teamwork, but also They also put the focus on the customer.

It is undoubtedly the most important paradigm shift in recent years. Today the customer has a lot of independence: he has access to information, product options and prices and constantly takes the floor about the efficiency of certain applications, how he was treated at the bank or how long it takes to access his virtual wallet. These opinions, in turn, can be read by other customers.

For their part, agile methodologies also contribute to the speed and flexibility of the processes to reach a final product and then make corrections, apply them and resubmit the modifications to the client and so on indefinitely. Among the best known are: Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming XP, Design Sprint, among others.

How are jobs and agile methodologies organized?

The positions most in demand by the IT sector are:

· Scrum master: Responsible for the development of an agile project. Required skills: team leadership, quality control of work, organizing different teams.

· Product Owner: Responsible for controlling all the developments that affect a specific product.

· Project Manager: Responsible for projects involving a multidisciplinary team.

· Agile coach: Responsible for paving the way for workers to achieve the objectives set.

· Development team: Multidisciplinary team with the skills to develop a product that has an end-to-end operation.

As a summary, we can say that although the basis from which a job search starts is the need for a specific skill, today it is a plus to have experience in working with agile methodologies.

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