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Blockchain at the service of human resources

The use of the blockchain (data chain) in different professional fields grows without barriers due to the usability and confidence in the handling of the information generated by this database. And the field of human resources also has its share.

What is blockchain?
It is a database that, with cryptographic techniques, links blocks of data, chains, making transactions between people/companies public (without exposing personal data). In this way intermediaries are eliminated, for example banks in the case of money transactions.

Taken to other areas, one of the strengths of the blockchain is smart contracts and the ease of validating data. Point that leads us to the linking of this platform with human resources.

Blockchain and human resources
Since the data is public and accessible, a recruiter will be able to more easily access the data of the applicants (those they decide to make public), as well as validate studies and experience.

The legal part also has where to lean with the realization of smart contracts, less bureaucracy, saving time for both parties and safer and faster transactions and, therefore, without errors.

The audits would also be more precise and this would give Human Resources a more important role due to the possibility of measuring the objectives and growth of the company. Sharing a database provides many benefits.

A data
From November 10 to 13, Buenos Aires will once again host LABITCONF, a conference on Bitcoin & Blockchain with an agenda from less to more knowledge on the subject.
Topics range from basic concepts such as the Bitcoin philosophy and the differences with Fiat currency to state, legal and accounting issues, security and uses of virtual wallets for the purchase and storage of cryptos, as well as NFT, Metaverse, investment and more. .

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