Online management tools for IT projects

Management tools cover all possibilities, styles and methodologies. Closely linked to agile methodologies, many of these tools provide very functional solutions for various objectives.

In general, the contribution to labor dynamics is aimed at improving times and processes. Either in simple columns (tasks, in process and done) or with more complex timelines that highlight the milestones of a project, the deadlines of each stage, those responsible, subtasks, alerts, etc. There is something for all tastes, projects and companies.

Another very interesting thing in these softwares are the project statistics panels that leaders use a lot to report the progress of their team. It makes the task of reporting much easier. They also contain very aesthetic graphics that can be used in presentations.

What happens in reality?
It often happens that the most daily communication with small tasks is resolved through a parallel channel, such as Slack, but the main project is developed in one of these tools. It also often happens that the teams deal with their issues in one of these managers and the company’s project is in another manager.

In all cases they have free plans with a very good base of functionalities and they all have mobile applications. Going to the concrete, the most chosen and popular management tools in the IT market are the following.

Trello: is one of the best known. It allows having several profiles and within each one projects, boards, templates, automations. Integrates with many other tools.

Asana: You have multiple views of a project. Tasks can be displayed in columns, like Trello, or in time lines, like Monday. It has great potential.

Monday: it is oriented more to the needs of software development. They have templates to start projects and one of them is scrum. It has many integration possibilities and has a very nice interface.

Microsoft Project: Allows you to carry out projects, has automatic programming and business intelligence. The software can work locally or in the cloud.

Basecamp: Through a dashboard it allows you to visualize all the processes that are happening in a company simultaneously. Designed so that remote companies can manage their projects from a single view.

In short, what are the benefits of project management software?

  • Project monitoring in real time.
  • Organize project times.
  • Develop team skills.
  • Correct estimate of costs.
  • Manage the project from any mobile device.
  • Track the participation of each team member.
  • They improve and facilitate reporting to clients.

Do you know / use / heard about other tools?

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