Will the metaverse have an impact on the selection and hiring processes of human resources?

From the point of view of human resources, the metaverse brings with it two very important issues: on the one hand, it will generate more jobs and, on the other, it will change the personnel selection processes in some way.

This new technology is already creating new jobs. But how will the selection processes be affected? One of the key points is the gamification of the processes: the candidates (players) play in a virtual reality environment, a mirror of the company they aspire to join, to face the real challenges they will have if they are selected, that is, win the game.

Some companies have already created their own virtual reality games to gamify the selection and internal evaluation processes. The mechanics of the game applied to the workplace improves the emotional quality of employees and reduces time and costs in the processes.

Virtual reality itself will give us the possibility to observe how a candidate performs, evaluate their skills and make decisions. In the same way, each candidate will be able to know their work environment, the challenges that await them and also decide on their application.

For you, how will the selection processes be affected? Will they improve or not? In what?

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